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All of our prices are yearly rates and do not include the cost of the artwork. Artwork can be provided through one of our vendors. Please call us for pricing.

Check out the different options: Field Naming Rights, Scoreboard Banner, Lobby Banner, Field Banner, Website AD/Link, Website Sponsor Listing, Kids Guide Full Page Print Ad, Kids Guide 1/2 Page Print Ad, Kids Guide 1/4 Page Print Ad, Kids Guide Sponsor Listing, Brochure Holder in Lobby, Table/Vendor (5 Hour spot) Contact: For more information contact us at info@rockvillesports.com or 301-838-4455.

You can also customize a package of more than one of the above possibilities, or you can choose to place an interactive advertisement which may include fliers, business cards, and product examples all on a permanent or non-permanent display. Pricing for special packages are formulated based upon each request.